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We had a hankering to check out some trails in Snow Canyon and took a quick jaunt to a popular location in the park; Pioneer Names. It was quick, easy, and shady, the three perfect ingredients for a last-minute hiking decision. This hike is great for children and at the end are the names written in axle grease of St. George settlers from the late 1800s. We took the 1/2 mile trail along the Eastern edge of the canyon, checked out some sweet mossy rock walls and eventually made it to the names of the pioneers of ancient graffiti. For more experienced visitors, the site is popular for rock climbing and repelling. If you like sandy red trails, tall canyon walls, and cool historic sites, then the Pioneer Names trail is for you! The trail continues to connect with the main road, but we headed back the same way so we could drive to our next destination.

Our thirst for hiking was not yet quenched, so we continued on to the Hidden Pinyon Trail. This was the first time we had ever taken this trail and it was well worth every step. The trail didn't have as much shade and was a bit longer at 1.5 miles round trip but had amazing views of the canyon. Snow Canyon Park even offers a trail guide with coordinating mile markers to give you more insight to the unique and beautiful plants you'll see along the way. We loved that the trail looped around and up to the top of the Hidden Pinyon Overlook, so we didn't have walk back along the same trail. There were a few strenuous spots, where we had to climb down from a large boulder but overall, it was a mildly easy hike. You'll get to see red petrified sand dunes, a wide variety of green plant life, some awesome black lava rocks, and, of course, the hidden pinyon itself.

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Written by: Angie Schadewald

Images by: Austin Schadewald

A Day at Snow Canyon Pioneer Names + Hidden Pinyon

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