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A hiking trail leading into the red rocks beckons curious hikers.
The red rocks will fuel your desire for exploring!

Valley of Fire State Park is an incredible hidden gem in Moapa Valley, Nevada and it's full of colorful sandstone formations of rusty reds, creamy whites, and even pinks! It's one of our favorite day trips to take from St. George since it's a short drive, and even shorter if you're visiting from Las Vegas. As elopement guides, we think it's perfect for a unique elopement adventure, and we prefer the rocking views of Valley of Fire over a dusty casino chapel. This is our how-to guide on having your wedding in Valley of Fire State Park.

Getting There

The quickest and easiest way to get to Valley of Fire for out-of-state visitors is to fly into McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, hop on I-15 North, and exit onto Valley of Fire highway, leading you straight over to stunning views for your Las Vegas elopement!

If you're travelling from Utah, follow I-15 South to NV-169, which will take you through the quaint towns of Logandale and Overton. From there, a right onto Valley of Fire Highway will take you to the park.

Red and white sandstone blending into each other in Valley of Fire.
The different colors of the sandstone are so fascinating to see!

Where to Stay


This is always our favorite recommendation! There's no better way to experience nature than roughing it in the outdoors. Camping in the park gives you the easiest access to all of the sweet views and attractions. Valley of Fire has two campgrounds available:

Atlatl Rock Campground: This campground has both RV and tent sites available with potable water and electrical hookups. There are flush toilets for those who don't want to use a hole in the ground, and they have handicap-accessible sites available.

Arch Rock Campground: This is a more primitive option for hardcore campers. No hookups are available and the campground has only vault toilets. Potable water is available. This campground may be closed during slower seasons (winter and summer).

Note: The campsites are on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to have a backup plan in case all of the sites are full!

A red sandstone rock face with holes.


Options that are close to the park are limited, but North Shore Inn in Moapa Valley is a great option for easy access to the park. Other places to look for lodging are in two larger cities nearby:


Only an hour drive to Valley of Fire State Park, Mesquite has great options to spend the night. It's like a mini Las Vegas, but with better odds (we think). Our recommendations are two of the city's big casinos - Casablanca and Virgin River. Both have plenty of tables and slots for the chance to strike rich, not to mention buffets so you can gorge yourself to your hearts content.

Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas, baby! If you're into the city vibe and you've never been to Las Vegas, we urge you to spend some time there. Gambling, booze, open-container laws, and night clubs are a-plenty. It's only about an hour-and-a-half drive to Valley of Fire and there is no shortage of great places to spend the night. Here are just a few that we've enjoyed:

The D - Quick and easy access to all the action on Fremont Street. Don't forget to try the SlotZilla zipline!

Caesar's Palace - A classic stay on the Las Vegas strip for easy access to other awesome casinos, shopping, and all the Las Vegas craziness you can handle!

The Orleans - Marti Gras and Las Vegas in one! This hotel/casino is off of the strip, but it's generally more affordable.

Pro tip: If you're looking to save some money, weeknights are CHEAP at the casinos. You can expect to pay much less for a room than you would on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Cabins built by the CCC in 1934 in Valley of Fire.
The Cabins are really cool to check out!

Getting Married

Valley of Fire is full of amazing view that will blow your mind! The crazy rock formations, amazing trails, and beautiful views make for excellent photographs (Jump over to see our services if you're looking for an adventure photographer, officiant, or need elopement guidance). They also have perfect hand-selected spots where you can hold a small wedding ceremony. These locations can be reserved through the park's Administrative Staff:

Seven Sisters - An awesome cluster of seven red rock tower formations.

The Cabins - Sandstone cabins over 80 years old that have been preserved by the park. Super cool historical vibe!

Rainbow Vista - An incredible viewpoint showcasing the many colors of Valley of Fire's sandstone and desert landscape.

Gold Ridge - An expansive desert view with distant rock formations and remarkable views as far as the eye can see!

Visitor Center - Plenty of parking here, and great views of the valley and the scenic road.

Seven Sisters at Valley of Fire State Park
Crazy rock formations at Seven Sisters!

These are all great options to hold your ceremony and take photographs, but there are many other incredible places in the park that we recommend going to take photos either before or after your ceremony so you can completely experience and capture the beauty of your elopement in Valley of Fire. Contact us for information on our photography + officiant packages.

Note: Restrictions may apply per the park's regulations, so please be sure to read through the park's rules and reservation conditions before reserving a location in Valley of Fire.

Things to Do

This is where you can really have some fun and get creative with activities on your wedding day for you, your love, and your guests. There are lots of fun and unique places to visit and take amazing photographs to remember how amazing your wedding day is going to be. While there are plenty more cool things to see and do in the park, this is our list of favorites:

White Domes Road - This is an awesome scenic drive through the valley, featuring iconic views of the park. It's an easy drive and is well worth your time to experience some incredible features.

Fire Wave - A short, but impressive hike. At only 1.5 miles, this trail takes you to a remarkable sandstone hill that's impressively striped with red and white

View Wildlife - Valley of Fire is home to tons of desert critters including tortoises, roadrunners, lizards, big horn sheep, and much more.

Big horn sheep in the desert outside of the Valley of Fire visitor center.
Just a couple of Big Horn Sheep crossing the desert.

The Beehives - Near the west entrance of the park, the aptly named rock formation is visible without having to hike, and a unique feature to behold.

Rainbow Vista - An expansive view of the park and shows off many of the colors of the sandstone and desert of Valley of Fire.

Atlatl Rock - This is an easy way to see petroglyphs in the park. A staircase takes you up to easily get an up-close view to the ancient writings on the side of a beautiful red cliff.

Petroglyphs at Atlatl rock featuring ancient symbols.
Check out the petroglyphs at Atlatl Rock!

There is so much more to see in the park including checking out the visitor center to learn about the park's features and history, and other activities you can do for your elopement day such as a horseback riding tour with a local guide.

Whatever you choose, it's important to come prepared. Bring lots of water, sturdy shoes for hiking, and plan ample time for hiking the trails and seeing the park. We recommend the spring and the fall as the best times to get married in the park. Summertime in the park is incredibly hot, consistently over 100°F, so we definitely don't recommend any hiking during June, July, or August. Whatever time of year you decide, Valley of Fire State Park is a wonderful and special place to seal your love.

Looking for a unique Las Vegas elopement in Valley of Fire State Park? We would love to help tell your love story and guide you through the process with our elopement packages. Contact us!

A small arch formation near Atlatl Rock
Valley of Fire rocks!



Written by: Austin Schadewald

Images by: Austin Schadewald

How to Get Married in Valley of Fire State Park: A Guide to a Unique Las Vegas Elopement

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