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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

When you think of the perfect wedding destination, what comes to mind? Perhaps somewhere sunny or somewhere warm. Undoubtedly you think of somewhere outstandingly beautiful that will be an unforgettable place to hold dear to your heart. With infinite desert landscapes, a pleasant climate and beauty as far as the eye can see, St. George is the perfect place for a destination wedding.


You want everything to be perfect for your wedding day! The perfect dress, the perfect colors, the perfect song for your first dance, but there's always one big question mark for any wedding regarding the elements - "What will the weather be like on my wedding day?!?!" Everything else is set in stone. Rain or shine, cold or warm, your wedding is going to happen despite what mother nature has in store!

If you're having your wedding in Southern Utah, you can stress a little less. St. George's pleasant climate means warm temperatures year-round. Even in the winter months, expect average highs around 50°. That's sweater weather! And you can practically forget about the snow. St. George averages only 1 inch per year, which means you can leave the parkas at home. In the summertime, expect hot temperatures, so pack your t-shirts, bikini, and shorts for when you're not in the gown!

Utah is home to five National Parks with spectacular scenery, but also many hidden gems in between, from colossal canyons to glistening reservoirs, sandy dunes to thick forests, Utah has it all! Here are just a few gorgeous places to have your wedding ceremony near St. George:

Visitors travel from all over the globe to visit Zion - one of the most famous National Parks in the United States. Guests awe at the enormous red rock walls of Zion Canyon, towering at up to 5100 feet and enjoy an incredibly large diversity of vegetation and animal life. The park has a variety of trails to explore, from it's Emerald Pools trail for casual hiking to Angel's Landing for experienced hikers which will take you to the tippy-top of a narrow formation for unforgettable views. Camping and recreational activities are a-plenty at this grandiose natural wonder for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that you can have your wedding ceremony in the heart of this beautiful park! They have a variety of ceremony outdoor venues to choose from within the park so you can pick the perfect spot!

Snow Canyon surrounds you in immense red rock walls offering plenty to explore. Check out the Sand Dunes near the south entrance, perfect to elope to with your groom! Don't forget to catch a glimpse of lava tubes and volcanic rock on unique hikes in the park, including Jenny's Canyon. History buffs will enjoy the Pioneer Names trail, where early settlers wrote their names on the canyon walls using wagon axle grease. Guests can also stop by the Petrified Dunes - rippled rock formations of petrified Navajo sandstone. Snow Canyon offers several outdoor venues to hold your wedding ceremony, each with its own unique features!

Perhaps the beach is more your vibe! Red sands and warm water are what you can expect to experience at this small reservoir. The scenery is gorgeous with blue water and rocky red island in the middle. The Sand Mountain on the south side is popular for ATV and UTV riders to explore. You can even have your ceremony right by the water with your toes in the red sand!


St. George is a perfect location for adventures so when you're done tying the knot, go have a great time! The city is a central area for visiting some of the most stunning National Parks including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and the Grand Canyon, so you can go wild on crossing off bucket list items! You can also check out some of the excellent golf courses that Washington County has to offer, or try out some amazing mountain biking trails. Top off the night with a live show at Tuacahn, a beautiful open-air amphitheater.

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Snow Canyon Hike - Johnson Canyon Trail

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