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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Hilary & Brandon after saying "I do" at their beautiful wedding in Utah

If you've been following our blog, you've already seen Part 1 of our Tips to Working With Your Photographer, but we wanted to follow up with Part 2, which will give you even more helpful tips to help you and your photographer to capture the best photos possible of your wedding day!

6. Talk About Clothing - Generally your photographer will already know to dress formally for your wedding, however, if you have a specific theme or are going for a more casual vibe, you'll want to mention it to them so they can plan their outfit accordingly. We've seen weddings featuring Hawaiian shirts with leis, jeans and t-shirts, sports jerseys, and more. You can certainly let your photographer in on the fun!

7. Prevent Guests from Photo-bombing - During your ceremony, you're sure to have a room full of excited guests who want to remember every second of your wedding. They love to take pictures with their phones, iPads, and personal cameras. While it's very sweet of them to take photos to send to you later, that's why you hired a professional! It's frustrating as a photographer when you have a great angle with perfect lighting and a gorgeous background, then you snap the picture at the perfect moment, only to realize that there is a iPad at the bottom corner from Aunty in the second row! To prevent any photo bombing and ensure that your photographer remains uninterrupted, you should communicate with all of your guests to stay clear of the photographer's field of view. Or better yet, photographers love "unplugged" ceremonies, where guests are instructed to leave their electronics off to be fully present during the ceremony, free from distracting electronics.

8. 5 Second Rule - This is an easy one to make sure the photographer gets a great shot of your first kiss. A quick peck can easily be missed by the camera, but a kiss for at least 5 seconds is plenty long for the photographer to get a great shot. You might even consider practicing your first kiss to ensure a great photo op. I'm sure your partner won't mind the extra kisses!

9. Feed Your Vendors - If you have an all-day photography package booked, your photographer is likely going to be on his/her feet for anywhere from 8-12 hours. To keep them working hard and delivering the best possible photos, give them a break when dinner starts to grab a bite to eat. You often won't want photos of your guests with food in their mouths anyway, so it's best at that time to allow your photographer to re-energize with a hot meal and be ready to capture events for the remainder of the evening. This can also apply to other vendors, such as your coordinator or DJ. You should let them know before-hand to plan a time where they can sit down to eat and help them avoid the awkwardness of them having to ask for a meal on the wedding day.

10. Trust Your Photographer - Remember, you're hiring your photographer for their experience and expertise, so when they make suggestions, it's important to listen to them. Often, the advice they give is based on the experiences they've had during the dozens, or even hundreds of weddings they've shot in the past and will help things to run smoother to optimize the amount of incredible photos they'll capture on you're wedding day. Your photographer will know the best lighting to use, the best backgrounds, and the best poses to capture the most emotional and memorable photographs. The best pictures come from when the photographer has the creative freedom to think outside the box, so when they have an idea that you aren't quite sure of, consider trying it out anyway! You're sure to be impressed with the results!

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