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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Bridal Photoshoot in Southern Utah at Gunlock near St. George

The best thing you can do to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly is to spend as much time planning and preparing as possible before the big day! While it may be overwhelming and perhaps a little stressful, you'll be happy you spent the time so you can enjoy a fun, stress-free wedding day. In the case of your wedding photographer, there are things you can discuss beforehand to help them out so they can focus on capturing great images on your wedding day. Here are 10 things you can do to help your wedding photographer:

1. Discuss Your Timeline - This is a big one! An experienced photographer will already know to plan your timeline with you, but you can never be to specific about when and where events are happening so your photographer can figure out how to best capture it. This information will give them a better idea of how to position you properly for the best lighting during your first look, or grab the best angle for your cake cutting. Be sure to also talk about the moments that are most important to you so your photographer can remain extra vigilant during those times. Always update your photographer if there are any alterations to your timeline.

2. Provide a Family & Group Photo List - Group photos can be time consuming. Rounding up the right people, getting them into position, and making sure everyone is looking at the same time can prove to be a difficult task - especially if you have impatient guests or children involved. One way you can help speed up this process is to provide your photographer with a list of the group photos that are essential to you. Listing things like "Groom + Groom's Parents & Siblings" or "Bride + Grandparents" can be incredibly helpful so that the photographer can check them off as they go which greatly speeds up the task.

Southern Utah Elopement Sand Hollow Family Photo
Flowers: @jocelynsfloral

3. Talk About Hair & Veil - This particularly pertains to outdoor weddings. You never know what the weather conditions will be like on the day of the wedding. While forecasts can give you a general idea on the week of the event, it's always best to prepare for anything mother nature may have in store. Even the slightest breeze can send you hair or veil flying. At Elope Southern Utah, we recommend brides wear their hair up for an outdoor wedding, but we certainly understand if you want to show of your luscious locks. In this case, it's important to bring it up to your photographer, who will have to adapt to wind direction and sunlight while posing you. I, personally, love to get creative with the wind, creating dramatic photos of veils floating elegantly behind you.

4. Disclose Any Surprises - In the past, we've had brides and grooms give special gifts to family members, have a precious dance with grandma that she didn't expect, or give surprise vows to step children during the ceremony. These can be some of the most heartfelt moments on the day of your wedding. While it can be fun idea to have these be a surprise for your guests and family members, it shouldn't be a surprise for your photographer! Always keep your photographer in the loop, so they can be prepared.

Married near St. George in a Gorgeous Dress!
Hair/MUA: Brittney Hess @hessvlogs Dress: Ooh La La Dress Rentals @oohlaladressrentals

5. Keep Your Vendors in Communication - While your photographer may have a detailed timeline of your wedding day, It's perfectly normal that things may change or the day might be running behind or ahead of schedule. It's important to keep your coordinator and DJ in communication with your photographer so everyone is on the same page when your grand entrance is going to start or when the bouquet is going to be tossed. This will help your photographer know when to be in position and keep them on schedule. Introducing your vendors to each other before the wedding is an easy way to help them stay in communication.

Wedding at Gunlock near Saint George Utah

Photography: Austin Schadewald Media @austinschadewaldmedia



Angie Schadewald

Austin Schadewald

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